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Take the photo from a distance of about 20 inches from your face. Ideally, the photo should be taken by a second person, but we can also handle a selfie.

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Face in front of the camera

Place your face in front of the lens and keep a neutral expression on your face. Hold the camera at face height.

Face in front of the camera
Face in front of the camera


Uniform lighting

Just stand facing a light source such as an exposed window. Don't worry about the background.

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I went to the local Post Office twice to get a photo taken and it was rejected twice on my online passport application. I gave up, took a selfie and used the cheaper au passport An instant, easy process that produced a photo that was accepted for my passport straight away. You couldn't wish for a simpler, easier service. I would recommend them to everyone, and have. NO I am not receiving a payment to write this. I am just an everyday customer. Highly recommended!

Sue from Maitland, NSW, Austra

I genuinely thought some of the positive reviews had to be fake. However, I had an extremely positive experience. I uploaded a photo of my baby for an Australian passport and got a rejection message due to the baby not facing forwards enough. I tried again and this time I asked for them to help adjust the background and baby blanket out of the passport photo. They did this straight away and guaranteed the photo would be accepted, which it was.


I had a hard time finding a place for a passport photo. I found this site and it could not be any easier to use. I have been able to get Australian passport photos of all family members and they have all been accepted. I highly recommend it. Easy to use and great quality


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The Australian Passport Photo: Essential Details

We believe everyone should have a passport. Our mission is to make getting a passport photo as easy and affordable as possible. If you’re an Australian citizen contemplating international travel, this article is for you. It gives you the essential details you need to know about the Australian passport photo, including the proper size and other technical requirements. You’ll learn how to use an app on your smartphone to create a perfect passport-style photo with ease. And we’ll answer some important questions people often ask about passport photos.

Passport photo size in Australia

All passport photos need to meet certain biometric standards set by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization. Within these international standards, each nation then sets its own particular requirements regarding things like the exact size and dimensions of the photograph, the background colour, and what may or may not be worn in the picture.

When it comes to the Australian passport sized photo, you have a little bit of leeway—specifically, 5 (five) millimetres of leeway. That is, the photos must have a width of between 35 to 40 mm wide, and a height of between 45 to 50 mm tall. This leeway makes cropping the pictures just a little bit easier. Within the printed image, the size of your face (from the point of your chin to the crown of your head) has to measure between 32 mm to 36 mm high. And please allow approximately 2 (two) mm of headroom at the top of the frame (the space from the crown of your head to the upper edge of the photograph). 

Other Australian passport photo requirements

You must submit 2 (two) identical photos. They must be in colour. They have to be high-quality prints made using dye sublimation, and cannot come from an inkjet printer. Passport style photos must contain a clear and focused image, which has not been altered or retouched.

Another important piece of the picture is the passport photo background. For Australian passport photos, the applicant must stand in front of a background that is either white or off-white. “Off-white” means a light shade of grey, not a pastel colour or some shade of tan. Furthermore, the background must be completely smooth and uniform: a solid white or light grey background that is without wrinkles, patterns or shadows.

Regarding a dress code, the rules are few and simple: do not wear a uniform or camouflage patterns. Avoid patterns in general, as solid colours work better for biometric photos. Wear normal, simple clothing of the type you typically wear on an ordinary day. Make sure that your clothing does not obscure the shape of your head, neck or shoulders. Hats and scarves are generally forbidden unless worn every day for religious reasons; in these cases, the head coverings must be a solid colour (not patterned).

Jewellery is permitted so long as it does not obscure your face; simple earrings and studs are fine. Make sure that the jewellery does not cast any glare or shadows upon the face, as that will invalidate the photo. Prescription eyeglasses are not permitted at all, unless they absolutely cannot be removed for medical reasons; in such cases you will need a signed certificate from a registered medical practitioner explaining why your glasses cannot be removed (and which must also include the medical practitioner’s full name, registration number, work address and phone number).

Put on your best face for your passport photo

Yes, makeup is allowed in your photo for passport. Just be sure to keep it simple and natural-looking. Remember that you are not allowed to conceal moles, scars and other identifying characteristics.

Wear your hair as you normally wear it, keeping the following restrictions in mind: hair cannot hide the face or eyes. Brush it back or comb it back, if necessary. Ponytails are excellent. Ribbons, bows, barrettes and other hair accessories are not allowed. Keep bangs above the line of your eyebrows. Be careful not to let big hairdos cast shadows upon your face.

Your dazzling smile is not allowed in an Australian passport picture. A very slight smile is permitted as long as your lips are sealed and your teeth don’t show. Needless to say: no frowning! Just maintain a neutral and natural facial expression, and you’ll be fine.

Remember that your Australian passport is valid for 10 (ten) years in most cases, so you want a picture that’ll do you proud for years to come. To get your best results, avoid the drugstores and take your own photos at home. Keep reading to learn how.

Taking a photo for passport with an app

To look your best, it truly helps to feel your best. If you are rushed and harried when you take the photograph, you will look rushed and hurried in the picture. But when you take your own passport photo at home, you can relax, listen to music, and try on different outfits and hairstyles until you find your perfect look. And you can do this anytime, anywhere, using only your smartphone (or digital camera).

Simply download our online passport photo app, available for iPhone and Android. Our Artificial Intelligence scans and analyzes your photo to see if it meets official Australian government requirements. If it does, we crop it to size and make it into a perfect passport photo; if it doesn’t, we let you know to try again. Take as many pictures as you need—you only pay for the final, flawless finished image. And if your picture isn’t perfect, we can make it better: we can correct flaws like shadows, poor lighting, poor positioning and blurry images.

One of the best things we can fix for you is your background. If you don’t have a convenient plain white wall or light grey background to shoot against, don’t worry; we can remove your background, no matter how colourful or cluttered it is, and replace it with government-regulation white.

After all fixes have been made, our human experts examine your final photo by eye to make certain your passport photo will be accepted by the Australian government. We guarantee acceptance, or double your money back. 

Questions and answers

The camera must be at eye level, from 40 cm to 140 cm away from the subject. For this reason, selfies are not recommended. Use a tripod, or better yet have a family member or friend snap the photo. We suggest daylight for smooth, even lighting; try shooting near a window on a cloudy day.